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Here are just some of the benefits you will see:
- Reduce In-Field Collections Activities
- Reduce Expenses
- Improve profit
- Reduce charge offs
- Faster Restore Process 
- Reduce Theft
- Improve Collections
- Location support
- Expert Reporting

- Average store will save over $2,000/yr!

Most stores report cost-payback in as little as 90 days.

Other Services       


Get the ultimate solution for the RTO Industry, built by RTO Professionals with over 25 years in the business.

Only pay for devices using the software.
• Install on your entire inventory and pay for only those that report.
 No long term commitment.
Pay as you get paid and as you rent and collect.

Or purchase one of our unlimited plans and save.
• Install on your entire inventory and pay a flat rate regardless of the number of devices (license per store is required).
 No long term commitment.
 Click here for detailed pricing information.

F3-Hotkey Backup-Restore 

This will reduce labor when getting a computer rent ready between rentals by at least 40%.  Reduces service calls saving you money because most issues can be solved by just restoring the system using the F3-Hotkey restore. This feature alone should save you hundreds of dollars a year in unneeded service repairs. Most rental stores see a ROI in as little as 90 days.

Includes disk repair tools which will help reduce unneeded service repairs.

Includes the ability to clone one computer to another computer.

Improves sales by allowing you to offer FREE anti-virus, Open Office, and identity theft protection when the rental customer returns the computer.

Includes password recovery tools which can used to help a customer when they have forgotten their password.

Helps protect the Rental Dealer from being accused/sued for accessing data on a computer after it is returned because all data is easily erased by simply pressing the F3-Hotkey.

F3–Hotkey wipes clean the computer for the next customer or the customer can wipe it clean before returning it. This helps prove that the rental store took prudent steps to ensure protection and privacy of data between rentals. If the rental store doesn’t use a product such as the F3-Hotkey Restore, then how does the rental store assure someone (company) did not access customer data thereby doing something inappropriate resulting in the rental store getting sued? An example might help; a customer returns or the rental store picks up a computer and the delivery driver takes it back to the store and accesses personal customer data (financial, credit card, banking, personal photos, web history, etc). Is accessing this information punishable under the Computer Fraud Abuse Act? Without the F3-Hotkey restore how is the rental store going to ensure rental store employees or the next rental customer isn’t putting the rental store at risk?

Additional features to benefit the Rental Customer:
The customer can restore/wipe clean all personal data before returning the computer to the rental store.

They can be assured that the store employees cannot access anything they did while renting the computer (pictures, files, financial information, personal data, Credit Card Information, web history, email, cookies, personal files, etc)

Their identity and personal information cannot be accessed by the rental store or the next rental customer.

Helps protect the customer from identity theft when they return the computer to the rental store at the end of their rental period.

Quick restore allows the customer to restore and keep their data in the event they get a virus.

This reduces service calls where restoring the computer simply fixes the problem

Hard drive repair tools prevents the need for costly repairs.

Includes FREE Lifetime Anti-Virus.

Includes FREE Lifetime word processor, spreadsheet, database, power point software.

Includes Anti-Malware engine.

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